Cost of outdoor digital signage

By | February 13, 2011

Price of outdoor digital signage.

A good sign of quality says a lot about your company, in most cases, the sign announces more about your company to potential customers than any other form of advertising. Not only that, but the sign you choose to represent your company will most likely be the first customer contact with your business.

Bespoke outdoor digital signage includes signs that are built from scratch to suit a specific requirement presented by a client or a specific project, these signs are not part of the pre-designed elementary units available. Because of this, customers have completely control over the shape, design and material that is an advert for any company. Before deciding on how much to invest in your sign, consider the pros and cons of the following signs customized.

Benefits of Custom-Made outdoor digital signage

One of the benefits of outdoor digital signage as is its unique look. By definition, a solution offers complete freedom as to how it looks. Nothing is impossible or too outrageous for this type of system.

In addition, these signs offer unlimited design possibilities. Because the signs as you create from scratch, offering unlimited flexibility. For the right price, any configuration of distinct signs can be achieved.

Disadvantages of Custom-Made outdoor digital signage

A disadvantage of signaling the measure may have a relatively high production cost. Since it was built from scratch, do not have the benefits of bulk production of low cost.

In addition, this type of advertising requires relatively long production and assembly time, since each project is unique and requires an innovative approach. Not only that, but sometimes special tools or mechanisms are needed to assemble the sign. The delivery time for custom signage is also slow, as each project requires unique resources that are not normally in stock. Slower shipping methods are necessary as removing the sign space is often not effective.

Time is a factor not only in production but also in the possibility of renovation. This means that the updating of the signaling action is slow and requires a professional.

Despite some drawbacks, signaling the measure is a viable place to advertise your company. The time and money required for custom-made signs are best suited for big-budget projects that require a unique configuration and design. If all else fails, it is best to choose a pre-designed sign and go from there. In any case, make sure your company is being seen with a sign that your company meets the tastes and budgets

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