Cost Effective Methods Of Digital Signage

By | February 12, 2010

When a business decides to invest in to digital signage, no matter if it is outdoors or indoors there is always a saving to be made. Let us look at the options to save money for both.

All in one digital sign.

An all-in-one digital advertising display is perfect for an indoor location, here the unit has an inbuilt media player and does not need to be cabled into a network for updates, these are easily carried out by using a flash drive.

This removes the need for separate media players and reduces the cost of deployment and cabling costs, these can run into thousands of dollars on there own. Making the solution cost effective and quick to deploy.

Outdoor Digital Signage.

Saving money here could be similar to the point above by eliminating the media player and replacing the commercial grade screen with an LCD advertising display that has an integral media player. But these are normally in remote locations and need updates this can now be done using wireless technology, built in to the integral player.

The units would also need an LCD monitor enclosure, these are thermostatically controlled and can provide the perfect internal temperature which is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what the external temperature is. The range of thermal management solutions is endless, but if you are looking for a cost effective method of digital signage, you must keep an eye on the bottom line.