Correctional Video Teleconferencing Enclosures

By | June 2, 2017

ProEnc now offer a range of video teleconferencing enclosures for correctional facilities, these have been proven to reduce transit costs and increase public safety.

Why Video Teleconferencing in correctional facilities?

Staying in touch.

Video teleconferencing in correctional facilities allows friends and family who live far away to communicate and stay in touch with the inmates, but still allowing the correctional facility to control the situation.

Imagine for a moment which you have 15 inmates to transport to a court hearing and the transit time is 40 minutes that means you have to arrange a prison bus, several guards and the added security when you get to court. Some studies have estimated that transporting a single prisoner to the court house for their hearings costs $2,381, so multiply this with the initial 15 inmates and you have $35,715, just for 1 trip to the court house!
Once the correctional video teleconferencing hardware is purchased and installed, the return on investment is a matter of months, rather than years. This is a sure way to save money on arraignments and at the same time keeping members of the public safe and free from harm.

Whilst the prisoners are detained and they become ill, using the same hardware is idea as it enables health care professionals to speak and discuss the symptoms of the prisoner without leaving the hospital, maximizing productivity for the health care professional and the correctional facility whilst reducing expenditure for taking prisoners to court.

Why use correctional video teleconferencing enclosures

Correctional video teleconferencing enclosures are designed to protect the flat screen television and the teleconferencing hardware, which normally incorporates a sound bar and a camera. The challenge is how to mount the hardware without compromising on the audio quality; this is when ProEnc developed their correctional video teleconferencing enclosures, as their range of anti-ligature enclosure have been tested in correctional facilities for the past 3 years.

correctional video teleconferencing enclosures

Now this expensive hardware can be protected by the most robust enclosure on the market, providing years of service for the correctional facility.

ProEnc’s range of correctional video teleconferencing enclosures

ProEnc manufacture a range of enclosure in both mild steel (and powder coated) and stainless steel. These enclosures are designed with sloping sides so if material is looped around the enclosure, it will not form a loop to self-harm. Inside the jail VTC enclosure is the hardware and the most popular is the CISCO SX10, using this as one of our solutions the door is manufactured with perforations to allow the sound out of the enclosure and at the same time the camera can operate through the enclosure door, being protected by a 3/8” thick viewing window.

Security is a must, so the enclosures come in 2 options, the first is with keyed, high security locks and the solution is using security TORX fasteners.

Cable access is through the large cable access panel in the rear of the correctional video teleconferencing enclosures. If powder coated they are supplied in a white colour, or in stainless steel, they are supplied self-colour with the grain – this makes cleaning easy!

Contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 for more information on their correctional video teleconferencing enclosures.