Correctional Facility Display Enclosure – The ultimate in Suicide Resistant TV Enclosures

By | December 10, 2017

Learn why ProEnc’s correctional facility display enclosure are the ultimate solution.

ProEnc’s correctional facility display enclosure is used as they provide the most robust and secure solution on the market. This is why their solution is the ultimate in suicide resistant television enclosures.

correctional facility display enclosure

ProEnc’s development of their correctional facility display enclosure.

In 2011 ProEnc worked with the US Federal Mental Health department to get their protective TV solution specified, after 18 months of development the solution was then approved and since 2013 ProEnc’s solution has been supplied and installed to most psychiatric hospitals across the USA, Europe and Australia.

In 2013 their product was then requested for testing by the US Federal Bureau of, in 2017 ProEnc won several high profile projects, supplying correctional facility with ProEnc’s jail grade display enclosure.

Differences between ProEnc’s correctional facility display enclosure and a psychiatric TV enclosure.

The design for these solutions is similar; yet there are some unique differences, for example;

  •  The viewing window is 3/8” thick for correctional facilities and ¼” for psychiatric hospitals; however these can be upgraded if desired.
  • The enclosure cooling vents on the correctional facility display enclosures are on the side and have a liquid anti-pour device preventing prisoners pouring liquid into the enclosure to damage the hardware.
  • The correctional facility display housing door is secured by anti tamper/theft fasteners rather than the high security deadlocks fitted to the psychiatric suicide resistant TV enclosures.

The options for mounting can be mounted to the ceiling, surface mounted to a wall or even recessed into a wall, ProEnc have a solution for every project and application.

Why correctional facilities need these television enclosures.

Most facilities have inmates or prisoners that are of an unstable mind and they have a tendency to have suicidal thoughts. These protective steel enclosures (also called ligature resistant TV enclosures) prevents unauthorized access to the TV – so it cannot be smashed and used as shiv to stab themselves or other prisoners and guards. The television bracket is also protected to prevent self-harm by looping material around the bracket – restricting access is the only solution.

Sizes of solutions.

ProEnc’s correctional facility TV housings come in the following sizes:

  • CNL26 for televisions 17” to 26”
  • CNL36 for televisions 27” to 36”
  • CNL46 for televisions 37” to 46”
  • CNL55 for televisions 47” to 55”

If you need a bespoke solution, contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your requirement and a bespoke can be made for your application and project. This could be down to limited space or a smaller TV, or mounting issues ProEnc will come up with a solution.

Contact ProEnc to discuss your correctional facility display enclosure requirements on (862) 234-5981 today!