Corporate Communication Using Digital Signage

By | June 21, 2013

Digital Signage used for corporate communications.

Every smart business owner knows how essential communication is in a corporate setting, but not everyone recognizes how digital signage can improve matters in this regard. Members of a team need to talk to each other properly in order to be effective in achieving the team’s goals, and a corporation is essentially a very large team. In a 2012 study, more than 80% of communication directors said that their CEOs and management board regard accurate and timely information-sharing to be critically important, and almost 60% of employees shared this perception.

While emails can still fulfill a proper role (especially in communications in which only a specific person needs to know a particular bit of information), spreading news which large groups of people are interested in can best be done with properly configured digital signage systems.

Digital Signage Provides Relief from Email Overload.

Using digital signage devices such as electronic noticeboards can offer some relief from those people who send and receive a lot of emails on a regular basis, which can actually hurt corporate efficiency. Email interruptions and overload cause companies anywhere from seven to fifteen thousand dollars a year per employee, according to the 2011 research conducted by the International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management. About 13% of these emails were un-targeted or irrelevant, and just over 40% of the emails were for information purposes.

Digital Signage Keeps Everyone in the Loop.

digital signage

If you regard a corporation as a team, then using emails exclusively can make many members of the team feel excluded. These members, such as your service staff, don’t generally use smartphones and desktop PCs during the course of their work. You can use digital posters to broadcast information that may be of interest to everyone, such as weather or traffic situations which your digital signage devices can disseminate in real time. Corporate events can also be publicized, and by distributing the news in this manner wireless users can feel that they are part of the team and feelings of resentment can be minimized.


Digital Signage Gives a Stronger Impact on Targeted Communications.

Some pieces of information are relevant only to a specific department, but you can place your floor standing digital signage systems in each department so that targeted communications reach only their intended recipients. Since digital signage information can be posted in real time, department members can learn pertinent information quickly enough. They can be confident that they have the most recent information possible for them to act accordingly.

Digital Signage Improves the Cohesion of Communications and Product Planning.

Members of the communications department and those in product planning often need to work together as part of a larger team. But often this doesn’t happen, and the communication breakdown can lead to inconsistency. What the communications department releases regarding a particular product may not be totally accurate, and often this can result in confusion and eventual finger-pointing. The use of digital information displays can provide the two teams with a common platform so that both have access to the same set of information.

Efficiency has always been an important goal of any corporation, and the key to that is clear and timely communications. With the proper use of digital signage, efficiency is a goal that can be achieved more readily.

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