Coronavirus Free TV Enclosures For Hospitals From Proenc LLC

By | March 17, 2020

Proenc’s Coronavirus free TV enclosures for hospitals are manufactured in the USA, unlike some of our competitors who import their enclosures from China. You are certain that any enclosure from Proenc is manufactured to a very high standard and is proudly made in the USA.

Coronavirus Free TV Enclosures For Hospitals

Proenc has always been innovative and added to their range of TV enclosures in 2018 a range of anti-microbial TV enclosures, that have a special anti-microbial coating that prevent bacterial build up in a hospital environment.

What is an antimicrobial solution?

On every painted surface, bacterial/microbes double in quantity every 21 minutes, as you can appreciate this is not ideal in a healthcare facility – as this can leave to further health complications for patients and staff alike.

When microbes begin to increase in number on a solid surface they can be transferred by touch to other surfaces and if a patient after touching the infected surface touches their face, the microbes are then transferred to the face of the patient which then infects the patient through their eyes, mouth or nose.  

Most hard surface are infected with microbes the surface needs constant cleaning to eradicate the microbes, however cleaning hard surfaces constantly is unreasonable in most healthcare environments due to the size of the facility. The best and most effective solution against microbial infection is an antimicrobial paint which Proenc applies during the manufacturing process of their AM range of TV enclosures for hospitals. 

The antimicrobial solution Proenc uses protects against a broad range of hazardous bacteria’s by up to 99.99%.

Proenc’s range of TV enclosures for hospitals.

Proenc offers a range of protective TV enclosures for the vulnerable patients such as psychiatric patients, their products area all made in the USA with none coming from China, so you can rest assured that the enclosures you get from Proenc have not come from an infected country.

How to check if a supplier is supplying products from an infected country.

The most obvious way to find out if the product you are purchasing is coming from an infected country, outside North America is the lead time. Regular products should in stock or at the very least on a short lead time of 1-2 weeks, any supplier telling a customer that the lead time is 4 and above weeks indicates the product is coming from China. However the exception is for a custom solution as you can imagine, these have to be drawn up, the drawing approved and the manufactured.

The other guarantee that the product comes from China is if the patent is registered in China and Asia – this information is usually on the sellers website just usually in small writing for obvious reasons!

Get your Coronavirus free TV enclosures for hospitals from Proenc LLC and know you are also supporting US manufacturing that Proenc is proud to support.