Convention Centre Digital Signage; Creating the WOW Factor

By | October 27, 2016

Imaginative, creative and informative convention centre digital signage

How will your delegates react as they enter the convention hall and are surrounded by attention grabbing digital signage? Confused, overwhelmed or in awe? Let’s look at the secret of getting it right.

Creating the WOW factor is one thing, but overload is another… Welcoming attendees to an exhibition or event is key to a great start – an outdoor interactive way-finding digital sign is a great starting point. Giving the delegates first hand and up to date information provides them with confidence and a stress-free outset. From car parking information, which hall or entrance to access and even the location of public facilities, like toilets, disabled access and catering are necessary. Don’t forget to add your company logo and the occasional advert to draw attention to the reason they are attending!

convention centre digital signage

convention centre digital signage

A foyer or reception area is another great location to offer digital signage. Not only is it a gathering point, it will be the largest foot fall area; ideal for promotional ads and campaigns. Hanging electronic displays, suspended from ceilings (aka hanging arrays) provide an instantly visible presence to your delegates as they arrive outside the convention hall and are ideal for messages, videos, time schedules and of course sponsor’s names and logos.

Digital doorway header signs welcome attendees to the event and are particularly well placed for event information including event branding and advertising. Even smaller meeting rooms benefit from event branding and timetables, where the content can be changed in ‘real-time’ to make relevant alterations and amendments. With up to 3 sessions a day taking place in one meeting room, digital signage is easier to work with rather than the traditional paper notices and posters. Risking your printer running out of ink, or a printing company being late with your order doesn’t look good in front of your invited delegates, where as digital signage content is produced at the click of a button.

Floor standing kiosks are a familiar sight many us see regularly at events and convention centres. Not only are they big enough to be noticed, but take up very little floor space; high impact for minimal invasion of the area. These kiosks are suitable for many areas; from outdoors, foyers and individual event stands.

Convention centre digital signage communicates with everyone…

By using convention digital signage, you are communicating with everyone attending your trade show or event, it has no discrimination, as it suits every occasion and business need, offering a visual WOW factor to get the message across – whether it is brand awareness, way-finding, or even emergency procedures for health and safety at a public event – digital signage can say it all…with style.

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