Convention center digital signage deployment

By | January 14, 2013

Digital signage in Philly Convention center.

One of Philadelphia’s main convention centers located on North Broad Street that opened in 2011 with its huge ceilinged entrance is now looking at installing digital signage.

Convention center digital signage.

convention center digital signage

The management of the convention center have come to the decision after two years, that it is difficult to know exactly what the building is, as there is no indication that there is a convention center located at this address.

To remedy this issue, the management have decided to deploy three larger digital signage screens above the grand entrance on North Broad Street.

Convention center digital signage and events.

As you would imagine with these electronic signs, the content will be changed for each event sure that passers-by will know immediate what event is on within the center. This will be specifically important for the two main events for the Philadelphia calendar and these are the Philadelphia Flower and Auto Shows. These are the largest two shows that the convention center hosts every year.
Additional income stream.

The management are thinking about charging customers who use the center for events for the use of the digital signage outdoors. No figures have been released for what the actual charges will be so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Estimated cost of implementation.

Joseph Resta, the project manager for the convention center has commented, “That they to be confident that no other project would need funding, before they could commit to this project, the estimated cost for this project is between $200,000 and $800,000. And yes they do have the funding in place.”

Why brand the convention center?

With most of the buildings along North Broad Street having their names embossed in the facade of the buildings, this left the convention center with no identity. Now they can joining their neighbors such is the Masonic center, and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with branding their building too.

Update on convention center digital signage.

The management have applied for state building permits to start the ball rolling. Resta is optimistic that the electronic signs will be onsite by the end of 2013.

However the two main events organizers have commented as follows:

The Philadelphia automotive show – Kevin Mazzucola as stated, “That without knowing the size and cost of the signs, it is difficult to see how they would benefit the event.

Philadelphia Flower show – has the same reservations as the Auto Show organizers.
Jack Ferguson the CEO of the convention center has gone on record as saying, “he’s 100 per cent behind the idea and believes that the digital signs we’ll bring much needed promotions of the events within the center. As well as boosting the overall appearance of the neighborhood.”

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