Climate Control for Digital Signage

By | October 27, 2010

Our LCD Enclosure range offers climate control for outdoor digital signage.

As Digital Signage is a suitable advertising medium for both outdoor and indoor use, extremes of temperatures need to be catered for.

Putting an electronic menu board in a ski resort is an excellent idea, as it can offer so much information and advertising for local businesses, however with the harsh winter temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit, the electronics within the poster frame require protection.  The damp from the snow, turns to ice and can destroy a hard drive therefore a thermostatically controlled LCD enclosure needs to be installed, occassionally called an LCD housing.

Likewise, in the arid desserts of Texas, digital signage and interactive menu boards have their place too, in establishments like restaurants and even a cattle diary, where milk quotas and production is monitored.  This certainly requires a thermostatically controlled LCD enclosure to manage the soaring temperatures, without damaging the delicate electronics.

LCD Enclosure.

lcd enclosure

Once connected to the power supply, these cooling or heating devices can be left to run, with minimal monitoring, as the thermostat will trip on or off as required, so does not have to be controlled manually.  As the temperatures change in the night, as the example of the dessert, where it can be extremely hot during the day, falling to sub zero temperatures at night, this would require a dual controlled thermostat.  The power supply is available in each countries own unique wattage, for example, America is 120 Volts, most of Europe runs on 230 Volts (formerly 220 V) and United Kingdom used 230 Volts (formerly 240 V).  The supplier of the digital menu boards will be aware of this and will advise prior to purchase.

LCD Enclosure Global are a leading manufacturer or LCD enclosures for outdoor digital signage protection.

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