Churches Digital Signage – Things to think about before you deploy.

By | August 6, 2009

There are a couple of initial concerns when people start thinking about deploying digital signage and here we will try to address them.

Will it be too difficult?

Most Churches look for the simple solution, turning to store bought flat screen TVs and DVD packages, however going down the Do-it-yourself route can be more costly and less productive.

With in-experienced people involved this can result in the wrong hardware being purchased and result in the TV failing sooner than it should or just simply poor content creation that puts parishioners off.

There are many organisations out there who will do a complete service from design to deployment ensuring that the project team in the House of Worship is updates frequently and everyone is aware of the deadline for the project.

This will look strange in our House of Worship.

To be fair, any change with technology looks strange remember the old movies with the man and a flag that ran in front of the early cars to warn people, now we have to educate our young not to run in front of cars!

All joking aside, when digital signage integrators carry out site surveys, they plan the optimum place to deploy a screen, ensuring the minimum of disruption to the structure of the house of God. Making sure any extra electrical and data cables are enclosures in custom cases to blend in with the current décor.

This will be too expensive.

Digital signage integrators will ensure that the cost of ownership in a House of Worship is low and that the failure rate of the hardware is low too, by suggesting the correct solution for the project.

How do I keep content fresh?

Many of the content creation software packages that are used to create printed posters are also used to create media content for digital signage campaigns, the difference come from integrating static images besides video and other moving images to engage with the audience and make it an memorable service.

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