Benefits of 3G Network Media Players in outdoor digital signage

By | March 12, 2012

3G Network media player.

People can expect lots of benefits from 3G network media player as they allow users to update content through a 3G network making mobile updates a breeze. With the help of a 3G network media player, people can play their favorite media through the cellular network as it has the facility of streaming media available on the move. These 3G network media players have a built in hard drive and this provides the benefit of storing the data in the hard drive of the device. A 3G network media player not only plays the audio files but it also play the video files as it is integrated with the hard drive and supports most audio, video and image files, some even support Flash content. These units can be used to display high definition content to entertain viewers.

Ultimate entertainment through 3G network media player:

3g network media player

There are many other devices that provide great entertainment when used in the digital signage industry, from basic USB media players through to network enabled media players that have a hard drive. Previously people used the USB solution but this was time consuming and occasionally led to overlooked ads being displayed. Here, the ads were created on a computer and then transferred to a USB drive and inserted into the media player and using the remote control you can follow the on screen prompts to over write the original content with new media.
An interesting fact is that it can be connected to large screens through a USB port on the screen and media player this allows domestic grade screens to be used for digital signage, but a more professional solution is to use a commercial grade screen as they last much longer. Then the 3G network media player was developed to update content on the move. Main reason why they are effective is because they can promote a number of products through the display at the same time. There are wireless media players and also Bluetooth media players for digital signage advertising.

Benefits of wireless 3G network Media player:

There are lots of benefits through wireless players like 3G network media player as it enables ads to be updated and geographically targeted, for example a taxi cab could use a 3G network media player in a cab to provide details of the route to the commuter during their transfer from the airport to the hotel, then when the cab enters a particular area the hotels and restaurants can display ads to tempt the commuter to visit them and even book a table for dinner.

These electronic devices have changed the world of entertainment by bringing digital signage and dynamic marketing together in one solution.

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