Behavioral Health Unit Virtual Monitoring Solution

By | July 22, 2021

Proenc has the solution for behavioral health unit virtual monitoring of patients and staff. Specifically for healthcare integrators Proenc have developed a protective enclosure that can accommodate a two-way radio system and a video camera. This enables nursing staff to monitor patients from a remote location and interactive with them virtually through the radio system.

The enclosure is manufactured from steel and powder coated white, its design is unique in that all 4 sides are sloping, so no material can be looked around the housing. The solid steel door is vented to enable the sound from the radio speaker to exit the enclosure and be heard by the patient, reassuring them if needed.

The enclosure can be equipped with a video camera at the top of the enclosure, so the patient can be viewed from the nursing virtual station.

The enclosure is Joint Commission Compliant and has the following dimensions: 24 7/8” wide x 17 5/8” high x 6” deep. The access door is 18” wide x 11” high.

Behavioral Health Unit Virtual Monitoring Solution


Virtual Monitoring of Behavioral health patients.

Now integrators can use Proenc’s patent pending, protective housing to deploy their hardware in any behavioral health facility knowing that the hardware is protected by the most robust behavioral health enclosure on the market.

The enclosure is fully welded for maximum strength and the unique design is secured with high security door locks, ensuring only authorized access is permitted.

virtual patient monitoring enclosure

What can this type of solution provide a facility?

  • Reduce patient falls and or injuries.
  • Aggressive patients can be monitored without risk of nursing staff or other patients being injured.
  • Reduce patient sitter costs.

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