Behavioral Health Ligature Resistant TV Enclosures

By | December 23, 2021

Proenc’s surface mounted TV enclosures are specifically designed for behavioral health and correctional facilities. The NL range covers flat screen television from 17” to 75”.

What makes Proenc design so in demand is that the protective steel housing has four sloping sides. This prevents material from being tied around the protective housing once it is mounted on the wall.

ligature resistant TV enclosures tv enclosures

Proenc’s ligature resistent enclosures for televisions provide numerous protective features, such as eliminating access to the cables, TV bracket and the television itself. 

Their enclosures are easy to mount to the wall, with each protective cabinet having 4 mounting holes, one per corner. Cable access is through the rear of the cabinet, which is 8 inches square. 

Once the enclosure is mounted to the wall, the TV is then mounted to the internal VESA television bracket. Once secured to the bracket, the door is attached and locked with the security locks, which are keyed alike. Making for easy access to any enclosure, without having to search for dedicated keys. 

Behavioral Health Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure Clients Ask.

  • Can the doors be opened without the key? The answer is no, due to the design of Proenc’s enclosures. Only the authorized person with the key can access the unit. 
  • What size televisions will fit the behavioral health TV enclosure? For TV’s 17 to 26 inches the NL26, TV’s 27 to 36 inches the NL36, TV’s 37 to 46 inches the NL46, TVs 47 to 55 inches the NL55, TVs from 56 to 65 inches the NL65 and finally TVs from 66 to 75 inches the NL75. 
  • How are cables routed into the protective enclosure? All cables enter the enclosure through the back wall of the enclosure, that’s 8 inches square. This allows all pre-terminated cables easy access into the protective cabinet.
  • Can remote controls be used on the TV once enclosed? Yes, with a Proenc protective cabinet remote controls can be used to change channel and volume without issue. 

If you have any questions, please contact Proenc on (862) 234-5981 and they will be glad to advise.

For all your behavioral health ligature resistant TV enclosures, contact Proenc today.