BBQ’s And Outdoor TV Systems For Outside Fun

By | March 25, 2010

Well summer is nearly upon us and the weather is already getting warmer, so let us look forward to the next couple of months when we will be dusting off our BBQ’s and having a good old family get together outside in your back yard or garden.

One BBQ resource that I stumbled across on the internet is BBQ-Brethren, what these guys don’t know about barbequing or smoking just isn’t worth knowing, their forum is full of active members who motivate you fire up the barbeque or smoker for the ultimate in outdoor dinning, the all American BBQ.

bbq-brethrenNow once you have your rubs and marinades ready, you have decided what you are cooking and for home many, why not just go that extra step and put a TV system outdoors? This way you will be able to watch the game and your wife can watch her favourite programme after the game. This will create a good and unique talking point between you, your family and any other guests.

The bonus will be that you stay outside longer and enjoy the night more than normal as the children will be occupied the early TV children’s programs, the men can watch the game and the woman can watch their programs later, making this summer the summer to remember.

If you intend on leaving your TV system outdoors, remember to look for some type of protection from the weather, accidents and potential theft, you don’t want to find one of your children has hit the screen with a ball, or that the weather has frozen all the circuits inside the TV, or worse still the TV has been stolen!


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