Banking on Digital Signage; Financial Institutes Utilize Digital Signage

By | April 22, 2016

Banking digital signage.

Financial and money brokers are ‘banking’ (pardon the pun) on re-inventing the signage which traditionally has drawn customers into the branch and has informed them of offers, rates and ways in which to save money. Throw out the plastic notice boards, with the boring paper ads and embrace the digital revolution of electronic signage. Can the wheel be ire-invented? Can utilizing digital signage open up the stale world of banking?

So, you wouldn’t go to a bank to be entertained, but whilst you are waiting in line, what else is there to do…. this is an obvious attraction to customers; to up-sell products and services. The major brands have realised the benefits and are making this innovative format work for them.

banking digital signage

Where once there were bland walls, there are video screens displaying eye-catching campaigns for investing money and all the products associated with a bank. So now, not only can the main product be broadcast, but also several other products at scheduled intervals, as one screen provides the platform for several ads.

We use digital signage on a day-to-day basis, without hardly realising it;

  • ATM cash machines
  • Financial transactions on electronic personal devices
  • Buying goods in store via a screen
  • Touch screen fast food ordering

We feel comfortable with these electronic methods, therefore visual display screens within the bank will enhance our banking tasks. Modern banking requires this modern element to keep up with new trends and not be left behind, giving a more sophisticated and effective customer experience, with communication to and from the bank, just a click away. One hundred years ago there was no thought of going digital, in any shape of form, but in just the last decade alone, has seen a commercial change of engaging with retail customers, who may well be in the coffee shop, rather than the grand old establishments of a century ago. Whilst the bricks and mortar of the fabric of the building may not have changed in time, the infrastructure has to cope with cables and wiring, although in most cases wireless connectivity is the norm.

Adopting banking digital signage.

Banks are adapting to a new way of life, where customers have more control and choice of personal financial options and greater freedom within a community. Maybe you’ll miss the banter between you and the bank teller, but in our busy lives, do we have time to spend 20 minutes in a line, or have 5 minutes to chit-chat to the clerk? Digital signage in banks provides the opportunity to reach people and is the intermediary between physical and virtual banking. As you may have already experienced, banks are looking more like a retail store than a traditional financial organization, where many in-branch services boost sales and further develop customer relations, enriching digital signage advertising with effective communication, targeted directly at the customer. Promoting new products and services with an entertaining yet informative visual display has given customers confidence in a banking industry, which (all over the world) has had a volatile track record. Reaching new customers is only part of the initiative, keeping hold of existing customers is another story…

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