Backyard TV Using Either A Plasma Enclosure or LCD Enclosure

By | January 12, 2011

A backyard TV is increasing in popularity.

Enjoying a backyard TV in your very own home is priceless but you will need either a plasma enclosure or an LCD enclosure to protect not only from the weather but from opportunist thieves.

With the recession biting hard last summer, many families decided to cut their vacations and spend the money on their home to add value, now due to this increase in home improvements people see the benefit of creating outdoor living areas, as these can be used throughout the year depending on the location and country.

People are extending their home into the garden and backyard as this is sometimes an unused space, but will a little work this can be transformed into an outdoor lounge.

Creating a lounge in you backyard.
One of the easiest ways is to measure the area you have set out and plan it out on a piece of squared paper, this way you can see how it looks before you commit to any building work and can easily change things around.

You will need a seating area; these can easily be creating by laying a shallow foundation of concrete, on this you can put masonry blocks to build up a seating area. Using the masonry blocks will create a storage are inside the seat so you can store away items that would normally be left out and make your garden or backyard untidy.

Don’t forget to get the mix right between the sand and the cement, usually the mix should be 1 part cement to 3 part sand and never lay masonry blocks in temperatures less than 3 degrees Celsius, otherwise the water in the mix will freeze and expand causing the joint the fail.

Depending on the location the configuration for the seating area is normally in a U shape and then in the middles of the U (the open end) a TV can be positioned.

Protecting a backyard TV.

backyard TV

Depending no the community you may need to protect your TV from opportunist thieves as well as the weather.

But first things first, due to the price of plasma and LCD television pricing dropping so quickly this now permits home owners to position a TV in their backyard, but a backyard TV needs protection from several challenges.

The first is the weather, but I hear you say that there are waterproof TVs on the market, yes that is correct but unless your pockets are very deep the price will definitely stop the renovation moving forward. So the other cheaper solution is to use a regular TV and put it in an outdoor casing. These casings protect the TV and satellite boxes from the local weather and theft.

The better LCD and plasma enclosure range offer anti vandal locks on their units which will certainly prevent the opportunist thief from stealing your TV, these higher specified housings also come with thicker viewing windows up to 3/4” this protects the TV from accidental damage and even withstands a solid object being thrown at it by a frustrated thief.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture a range of LCD enclosures for outdoor use, perfect for a backyard TV application.