Backyard Projector Enclosures – Creating the Ultimate Movie Night

By | October 21, 2016

A stress-free guide to creating the ultimate movie night with a backyard projector enclosures.

You’d think that throwing a movie night party would be easy… and it can be as easy or elaborate as you want: a backyard projector box or enclosure will not look out of place in a fancy setting.

From a few cold beers, floor cushions and popcorn right through to an all-out glitterati Oscar style occasion, complete with red carpet, but one thing is for certain the quality of the projector is pivotal to the quality of the picture. Investing in a projector is a luxury and you’ll certainly want to protect your investment with a ProEnc enclosure. You can watch movies outdoor throughout the year, so the weather isn’t a particular problem, but then there are the extremes of hot dusty climates to cold and moist ones – all of which can create massive problems for the projector.

backyard projector box

backyard projector box                                                                                                                                                                                                                           For most states in the US, warm balmy evening are the ideal time to create an movie atmosphere, not forgetting an afternoon of celebrating the Super Bowl – just imagine what you can conjure up in your own back yard.  Most people do wait until at least dusk, when the daylight is fading and the projector light works at its optimum. OK, so it’s not quite as easy as putting a DVD into the player, there is more to setting up the scene, but having done it once and knowing what you really need and the best place for the screen and seating area, then you’re good to go for next time.So, the projector, as mentioned before, is the main component in this set up and probably will cost the most money, so don’t forget to add a projector enclosure. Most likely you will plan to leave it outside for most of the year; not only will this protect the projector from weather damage (electronics and water don’t mix!) but also dust and insect ingress and theft. OK, so you may think it’s easier to drag your big screen HDTV outside – think again – is that really practical? So, then you buy a projector – do you plan on leaving this outside all year round? It would be easier and functional to do so, but surely the wife will remind you that it will get damaged or even stolen from your yard. But you’re ‘come back’ will, be to purchase a protective backyard projector box, AKA outdoor projector enclosures. And without trawling the internet, you can find the best one for the job just here… With a quarter of a century’s experience you can rest assured that this will do the job; it is a stylish enclosure in either powder coated steel or plastic panels, which has shown to be robust, weatherproof, secure and practical. Therefore allowing the projector to be safely left outdoors all year round.


So to truly capture the atmosphere for a back yard movie night; you’ve got the snacks, cold drinks, comfy seating, speakers, large screen, (safe) extension cabling and the projector – securely housed in an enclosure, you’re all set to watch the latest blockbuster or ball game…enjoy!

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