Are LCD Enclosures Missed on Your Project?

By | February 8, 2011

LCD Enclosures Global explain…

If you are involved with OOH (Out Of Home Advertising) and install or use the internal digital signage, you have to consider the boom of the outdoor digital signage industry.

The obvious differences are that one is inside, such as shopping and one is outdoors. But the real benefit for outdoor digital advertising is that it is your sales message 24 hours, normally shoppers are oblivious of static posters hence the reason the digital solution is so popular, delivering dynamic content, every minute of the day.

Think for a minute, you get 100 viewings of the ads every hour and for a total of 10 hours compared with 75 viewings of a sign that operates 24 hours a day, you get an extra 800 viewings per day. 5,600 viewings per week, 22,400 more than the mall each month, what will this do for your product range?

When planning systems, outdoor digital signage, there are usually two solutions to consider, the main choice is to use LCD enclosures, these are dedicated to providing  vandal-proof solutions, which has an integrated media player integrated or use standard off the shelf screen or display, connected to a digital media player.

There are benefits to using these solutions, both to provide appropriate solutions IP65 (waterproof protection) or NEMA 4X standards (the U.S. Standard Industrial Protection), necessary when the digital signage hardware which is located outdoors.

LCD Enclosures.

lcd enclosures

However, the main difference is that a dedicated waterproof TV is too costly, costing five times more than a standard LCD screen, this is what makes most projects outside the planning stage. But housing a standard LCD display and media player in waterproof LCD enclosures, gives a significant cost savings on the price of a waterproof TV, which makes the outdoor digital signage solution more cost-effective.

The way the LCD enclosures are cooled is very similar to the cooling and air conditioning of a computer enclosure that is on a factory floor, the cooling system replaces the internal hot air with clean cool air, making sure the LCD screen is att he right temperature in the enclosed, sealed LCD enclosures.  The cooling system on the casing can be fitted with a filter for high dust areas, these filters can filter out dust particles out of the air and stop then damaging the hardware inside the LCD enclosures.

With the great opportunity to increase brand awareness, digital signage outdoor is growing at an alarming rate, even in a recession and all businesses need to increase brand awareness or product and make sales. This is one of the reasons why digital signage is as successful as the return on investment is rapid.

To summarize, if you are planning to install outdoor digital signage, the choice will be fund driven, however, if you have an unlimited budget to use, go and buy a sunbright waterproof TV, but the most affrodable solution will be to purchase a LCD screen or standard plasma, a media player and LCD or plasma box to house all the electronics and save you thousands of dollars.

In the current financial market, many companies are taking the corporate line that gets the best prices on business, where it has no effect on quality.

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