Apple iMac’s Used For Outdoor Digital Signage

By | July 27, 2010

Due to the evolving nature of new technology, we are seeing clearer, sharper images used in outdoor digital signage, discover why some integrators are using iMac’s.

Apple is known the world over for their unique brand of products, these are used by the leaders in their field such as web designers, fashion designers to create a rich dynamic image, so using this technology is now moving into the realms of digital advertising.

Why integrators like using iMacs?

One of the issues with using a small form factor PC or thin client to deliver content is that something has to give, not every thing can fit into the tiny box, however Apple have always delivered a beautifully looking product in a neat little package that does have everything you need plus more besides.

Installation issues to look out for.

When installing an iMac in an outdoor location, you must make sure that you use a suitable weatherproof LCD enclosure; otherwise the investment for the project is totally wasted.

Solution to outdoor digital signage challenges.

Like all computers, an Apple is no different and needs to be protected from extreme temperatures, including heat and cold and not forgetting water. So if you were to deploy a digital signage solution outdoors you would be ideally looking at an LCD enclosure, these will accommodate an LCD display along with the computer or iMac.

Once the hardware is installed into the LCD display enclosure, the thermostatic cooling system should be set to the areas temperature variants and the doors locked, this then provides a safe and secure environment for the hardware to delivery dynamic advertising in the most demanding of conditions.

Some regions have such extreme conditions the only option is to install an air conditioning unit into the enclosure, these are normally situated at the rear or side of the enclosure, providing a micro climate for the hardware.

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