Anti-Vandal Enclosure for Youth Detention Centers

By | November 29, 2011

Anti vandal TV enclosure for protection.

Whilst young people are locked up due to breaking the law, their human rights still need to be considered, even if some of these ‘rights’ seem excessive, this article is not being written in defense of these youths, nor is it condoning their actions, but merely highlighting a suitable television protection enclosure for an LCD or plasma screen, which is allowed in such establishments for news and entertainment purposes.  The welfare of the remanded adolescences is also very important, as they may be mentally unbalanced and be intent on self harm, using a piece of smashed glass to injure themselves, or use the electrical wiring to form a ligature, from which to hang, so the logical and safe solution is to securely enclosure the whole kit within a protective anti vandal TV enclosure, which is also known as a Non-loop enclosure.

Use of anti vandal TV enclosure.

The locks for these anti vandal TV enclosures are especially designed to hold the screen and media player securely in situ, whilst giving the maximum viewing opportunity.  They are certainly more secure than the traditional Cam locks, other manufacturers or suppliers offer.  The viewing window, which is set within the frame of the door of the Non-loop enclosure in front of the plasma or LCD television screen, is made from a high quality polycarbonate sheet, which is virtually unbreakable and is shatterproof, therefore limiting the dangers of self harm, or accidental harm, to a minimum.

Alternatives to anti vandal TV enclosure solution.

anti vandal tv enclosure

When the cost of replacing a television screen is taken into consideration, enclosing it within an anti vandal TV enclosure may add an initial cost, but in the financial long run, it is value for money – how many television screens does a detention center go through in a year?  The specially designed shape of the Non-loop enclosure eliminates the dangers of prisoners harming themselves, as the sloping side will not hold any material with which to form a ligature.  There are no gaps between the wall and the television protection for material to be held.  As the television protection is totally enclosed, air is forced through the unit for cooling, so the audio has to be supplied via speakers placed flush within the walls or ceiling.

To limit the possible damaged to the hardware and expensive screens, it is wise and economical to install the screen within a housing unit especially designed to withstand accidental or deliberate damage, this is why an anti vandal TV enclosure is ideal for protecting TVs in hazardous areas.

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