The Ultimate Guide to Ligature-Resistant TV Enclosures

hereLigature-Resistant TV Enclosures: Features, Benefits, and Specifications

ligature resistant tv enclosures

Features of Proenc’s TV enclosure

Robust Construction: Made from heavy-duty materials to withstand tampering and impact.
Ventilation Design: Strategically placed vents to prevent overheating without compromising safety.
Secure Mounting: Tamper-proof screws and durable mounting options ensure the enclosure stays securely in place.
Visibility and Accessibility: Clear viewing windows with anti-glare coating and accessible maintenance features.

Enhanced Safety: Prevents ligature points to reduce self-harm risks in sensitive environments.
Durability: Long-lasting construction suitable for high-risk areas like psychiatric wards and prisons.
Compliance: Meets stringent safety standards for behavioral health facilities.
Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for constant monitoring and replacement, offering long-term savings.

Material: Industrial-grade steel or aluminum with a powder-coated finish.
Dimensions: Available in various sizes to fit different TV models.
Installation: Easy-to-follow installation instructions with all necessary hardware included.
Customization: Optional features like soundbars, additional locks, and color choices.

Proenc’s ligature resistant range of TV enclosures can be downloaded here.

Proenc’s Ligature-safe TV enclosures comply with The Joint Commission’s requirement for behavioral health units. 

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