ProEnc’s Ligature Safe TV Enclosure

Proenc’s Ligature Safe TV Enclosure are for wall mounted TV’s. Proenc has successfuly supplied the prison and psychiatric facilities with over 21,000 TV enclosures and in every single State! 

The unique design of 4 sloping corners is aesthetically pleasing and a crucial safety feature.

ProEnc USA manufacture ligature resistant TV enclosures that are used in mental health facilities across the USA and Canada. These protective housings prevent patient self-harm and also damage to the television sets.

Let’s look at the options for ProEnc’s ligature safe TV products.

ligature resistant tv enclosures

Also take a look at ProEnc’s ceiling mounted anti ligature TV enclosures for when a facility has to use the ceiling.

At ProEnc we manufacture enclosures that enclose the TV, TV bracket and the cables. The steel housing is made from heavy gauge steel and fully welded for maximum strength and rigidity. Cable access (8″ x 8″) is through the rear back plate, which makes the unit far more rigid than just covering the front of the TV.

In Proenc’s extensive years of manufacturing ligature resistant products for the mental health facilities. Proenc knows that when a Proenc enclosure is supplied/installed as per instructions the unit cannot be ripped off walls. Due to the high build quality and extended warranty leading architects who advise mental health facilities recommend Proenc’s products.

Metal or plastic?

When deploying vulnerable electronics in a very high risk area, so what material would you use – metal or plastic? Proenc will only ever use metal.

Architects speficy Proenc’s ligature resistant TV enclosures due to the units providing the maximum protection for patients and nursing staff.

A ProEnc’s solution is made from steel, with a viewing window is 3/8” thick; providing the most protection possible for such a hostile environment.

ProEnc’s steel ligature resistant TV enclosures.

Now to summarize, our product comes as standard with a thermostatic cooling system, it has an anti pour system, so should a patient try to pour liquid into the TV housing, it will not touch any of the electronics inside. 

ligature resistant TV enclosure

The protective enclosure door is secured with 2 security locks, so only the staff with a key can access the TV.

Each ligature resistant TV enclosure should have viewing window no less than 3/8” thick. Providing the maximum security for staff and patients.. 

Our cut sheet for this product can be downloaded here

If you want to do the job right, the first time partner with ProEnc and use their ligature resistant TV enclosures, call them today on (862) 234-5981.