ProEnc’s Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure

Our Ligature Resistant (NL range) TV Enclosures for wall mounted TV’s. 


Made from 14swg steel, the ligature-safe TV solution is built to withstand even the most determined attacks, protecting staff, patients, and hardware. The robust construction ensures that the enclosure maintains its integrity under harsh conditions. The 4 sloped-sided design is not only good looking but also serves as a crucial safety feature, especially in behavioral health and jail facilities.Moreover, the sloping corners significantly reduce the risk of ligature attachment, thereby enhancing safety.

Additionally, this thoughtful design element demonstrates a commitment to creating environments that are both secure and conducive to rehabilitation. Furthermore, the design prioritizes aesthetics while simultaneously addressing critical safety concerns.

Consequently, this approach ensures that the facilities are both functional and supportive of the rehabilitation process. The integration of such safety-oriented features underscores the product’s role in promoting a safer and more secure atmosphere for all occupants within these facilities


ligature resistant tv enclosure

What is included:

  • TV range 17 to 75 inch TV’s
  • TV mount – Mounting pattern: VESA 200 x 200, 400 x 300, 400 mm x 400 mm 
  • Out the box installation
  • 4 sloped sides eliminates chance of enclosure becoming ligature point
  • 1/4″ optical grade polycarbonate panel for impact resistance
  • Thermostatic cooling system
  • 2 high security locks (keyed alike)
  • Cable access in center of enclosure 8″ x 8″
  • Textured white finish

Ligature and Suicide Resistant Features

Our 4 Sided Sloped TV Enclosure – Anti-Ligature Design

Our 4 sloped side TV enclosure is purpose-built to meet a range of needs in various settings. It is fully compliant with Joint Commission Standards (JCAHO), ensuring it provides a safe and secure environment for patients in hospitals and medical facilities. For enhanced protection against microorganisms, we offer an optional antimicrobial powder coat.

In prisons and correctional facilities, ensuring resident safety is paramount. This enclosure features a sturdy construction, tamper-proof locks, and a ligature-resistant design, offering the essential protection required in such environments. The enclosure’s sloped design makes it suicide-resistant while the TV can be seen at the best angle. Its durable frame and shatterproof polycarbonate window defends the internal electronics and prevents individuals from causing harm to themselves or others.

At Proenc, we have been a trusted industry leader for over 20 years, specializing in anti-ligature enclosures for TVs and computers.

Our sloped-sided TV Enclosure meets the highest quality standards and is widely used in healthcare and detention facilities. We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent service and delivering superior enclosure products, ensuring the safety and security of your valuable equipment and the individuals viewing it. Upgrade your TV display protection with our protective TV Enclosure. Request a quote or contact us for more information on how this advanced enclosure can enhance safety and security in your facility. Rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding products that foster a safer environment for everyone.

ProEnc’s steel ligature resistant television enclosures.

Technical data.

Product datasheet here

Brochure  Proenc TV Enclosure Product Information.

ProEnc carefully designs their ligature-resistant TV enclosures to provide maximum safety in high-risk environments such as behavioral & detention facilities. These enclosures eliminate any potential ligature points, making it virtually impossible for individuals to use them as a means to self-harm or commit suicide.

The units are constructed from robust materials, which resist vandalism and tampering, thereby ensuring their durability and continuous safety. The design includes a high-strength, unbreakable viewing window, ensuring clear visibility while maintaining the enclosure’s protection. ProEnc’s enclosures provide a comprehensive safety solution for vulnerable settings. These are particularly effective in maintaining both security and clarity. Furthermore, these features make ProEnc enclosures ideal for environments that require both durability and transparency. Therefore, the combination of these elements ensures that ProEnc enclosures meet the highest safety standards. Importantly, thoughtfully integrated ventilation prevents overheating without compromising safety. ProEnc enclosures are easy to install and maintain, enhancing safety and reducing risks in sensitive environments.


Internal electronic protection.

Our enclosures include a 220V, 4 ¾ inch square high air-flow cooling fan, controlled by a thermostat.

This cooling system recycles air inside the enclosure 15 times per minute, almost silently.

This actively keeps your electronics cool.

Each enclosure is provided with 2 high security approved safe locks, each lock comes with 2 keyed-alike keys.

These locks provide maximum strength, whilst being the most difficult to pick.

Enclosure Weight & Dimensions

The enclosure is angled on all 4 sides, preventing material being looped around the unit.

  • 36?: 65 lbs. – 42 1/4? x 31 1/2? x 8?
  • 46?: 92 lbs. – 48 5/8? x 35 7/16 x 8?
  • 65?: 152 lbs – 59? x 45 1/4? x 8?

Credit terms available upon approved credit (OAC). For orders of 5 or more enclosures, please contact us for a quote to receive our best pricing.

Contact our dedicated support team for ligature safe TV enclosures on (862) 234-5981.