Anti Ligature TV Enclosures Deployed In New Auckland $300m Prison

By | June 8, 2017

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV enclosures have had a massive success across the USA and Europe, now they are in high demand in New Zealand due to a massive $300 million prison build.

Auckland’s $300 million prison.

This new build prison is flooded with over 700 contractors aiming for the completion in December 2017. The construction has been ongoing since 2013 on this 54 hectare site and will be the largest male maximum security prison in Paremoremo.
This new state of the art prison facility has everything from security doors with fingerprint recognition, a massive 5 layer perimeter fence, heart beat detectors and even anti ligature TV enclosures.
The facility is split between 4 sections, of which 1 is for 260 maximum security prisoners, and the others for less serious offenders.
All the cells are single cells and are fitted out as below:
• All fitted with stainless steel toilet and hand basin.
• A shower with a partial privacy wall.
• Flat screen televisions are bolted to walls at the end of the bed and enclosed in an anti ligature TV enclosure that has a smash proof viewing window.
• Each cell has a window with 3 security levels.

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV enclosures.

ProEnc have worked with the correctional facilities across the world to provide the most robust and secure anti ligature TV enclosures that are used in these type of applications.

The unique design of ProEnc’s range of anti ligature TV enclosures prevents material being looped around the housing to form a ligature point. The doors have special high security locks and the viewing windows are virtually unbreakable.

anti ligature tv enclosures

ProEnc’s suicide resistant television enclosures have also been tested against our competitors by several health and correctional departments in the USA and this is one of the main reasons ProEnc is winning contracts due to them being specified by architects and the management of the healthcare or correctional facility.

ProEnc’s prison grade flat panel TV enclosure.

There are several differences between the solutions ProEnc manufacture for the health care and correctional sector.
1. The correctional grade TV enclosures are supplied with a 3/8” thick viewing window and this will withstand more prison attacks.
2. Each prison grade TV enclosure features an anti-pour feature. So should an inmate or prisoner pour fluid into the enclosure, the protective case is designed to drain the fluid out without it ever touching any electronic hardware inside the ligature resistant TV enclosure.

Why are anti ligature TV enclosures needed?

If a TV is not protected within a prison environment, an inmate can self-harm by looping material around the wall mounted TV.

Prisoners can also smash the front of the TV and use it as a weapon on other prisoners and even guards, resulting in work related absence due to the injuries sustained in the attack.

Deploying an anti ligature TV enclosure prevents access to these otherwise harmful elements and therefore protects both prisoner and guards alike in a well thought out environment.

If you need more information contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your anti ligature TV enclosures requirement.