ProEnc’s Anti Ligature TV Enclosure

ProEnc’s Protective Anti ligature enclosures for TV’s used in hospital and correctional facilities.

Proenc’s protective anti ligature TV enclosures are the only product on the market that is 100% compliant, preventing ligatures in psychiatric and correctional facilities. Proenc’s high quality products are also backed with their extended warranty period. The industry usually offers 12 months warranty, when Proenc’s prodcuts are backed by a 3 year warranty on the protective enclosures.

These units are designed with input from the US Federal Mental Health Department and our anti ligature (also known as non loop TV enclosures – because material cannot be looped around the housing body), has been approved by the same body passing all stringent tests. This is something our competitors do not have!

anti ligature tv enclosureSizes available:

  • Code: NL26 for flat screen TV’s 17″ to 26″
  • Code: NL36 for flat screen TV’s 27″ to 36″
  • Code: NL46 for flat screen TV’s 37″ to 46″
  • Code: NL55 for flat screen TV’s 47″ to 55″

Not ALL anti-ligature LCD enclosures are the same…

ProEnc have discovered that several rivals to the industry have self-certified their products having passed zero test and approval requirements, check out the video below that shows how the new products will enable patients and prisons to self-harm, putting your clients at risk.

You can also download our document highlighting what to look for when purchasing these protective television housings at Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure Cut Sheet Here

What separates our anti ligature TV enclosure from the pack.

  1. Proenc’s products are manufactured from heavy gauge sheet steel, fully welded for maximum strength.
  2. Proenc’s protective housings have 4 sides sloping, preventing material bveing looped around the TV case and denying access to cables/TV bracket at the rear of the TV.
  3. The anti ligature LCD enclosure comes with security locks – only authorized staff with the key can access the TV case.
  4. The viewing window is the the thickest offered in the industry as standard, preventing the display from being  damaged and used as a weapon on fellow patients or nursing professionals. It is also virtually unbreakable!
  5. Proenc’s anti ligature flat panel enclosure is also fully assembled when delivered – ni wasting time trying to figure out how to assemble the unit. Works right out the box. 
  6. Proenc’s warranty is the lognest in the industry, which is 3 years on the encclosure with 1 year on the internal electronics.

Take a look at the how strong a Proenc enclosure is (below) – ours is the white unit!

Our protective housing has been specified and used in leading psychiatric and behavioral centers across the USA, Canada and Australia since 2009, with over 12,000 protective hosuings supplied. Our product is also specified with leading architects who advise mental health hospitals on what’s the best solution for their new build or extension.

With more and more correctional units looking to protect the flat panel displays after CRT televisions are no longer available, our protective TV housing is the ideal choice. Depending on the option if you require to use a sound bar within the housing we can provide a vented front door, so the sound can come out of the enclosure but fluid and other objects can not go into the enclosure to damage the TV.

More in depth details of ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV enclosures can be seen here.

You can also checkout Proenc enclosures YouTube page for new products and special offers and check out our playlist for anti ligature TV housings here.

Our ligature resistant TV housing solution have been deployed all over the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, call us to discuss your project on (862) 234-5981. As well as being specified by leading architects and used on many movie and prison documentary sets.

We offer a complete range of solutions for both psychiatric and correctional facilities including our anti ligature TV enclosure.