Anti-Ligature Noticeboard For Behavioral Health Facilities

By | August 13, 2021

Proenc’s anti-ligature noticeboard is recent addition to their portfolio for patient protective products in the behavioral health sector.  

Manufactured from steel and powder coated in white to provide a pleasing yet protective way to display patient notices and information in medium to high-risk facilities.

anti-ligature noticeboard

Proenc’s anti-ligature noticeboard sizes.

Proenc currently produce 2 sizes which seem to the most common for displaying information. The enclosure themselves have the following overall dimensions:

Code: ALPNB574 57½” wide x 43 ¾” high x 3 deep, with a viewable area of 48” wide x 39” high.

Code: ALPNB363 36 ½” wide x 30” high x 3” deep, with a viewable are of 28” wide x 23” high.


Different designs of anti-ligature noticeboards.

Proenc’s patent pending designs includes the following:

  • Sloped top noticeboard for low-risk applications.
  • Sloped top and bottom noticeboard for medium to high-risk applications.
  • 3 sloped sided noticeboards for high-risk applications.
  • 4 sloped sided noticeboards for high-risk applications.
  • Recessed noticeboard.

Any design can be used in any application, the same excellent build quality in the enclosures as expected from a Proenc enclosure. Complete with locks to prevent unauthorized access and a viewing window made from Lexan 1/8” thick.

Sloped Top Anti-Ligature Noticeboard

What’s included with the anti-ligature noticeboard.

Proenc’s enclosure case is fitted with concealed hinges and the door is secured with 2 locks, whilst the notices are protected behind 1/8 thick virtually unbreakable viewing window in the industry which is Lexan.  The display enclosure is mounted to the wall using the 4 corner mounting holes within the housing, to ensure nothing can be accessed from outside the housing. Once bolted to the studs or cinderblock wall the noticeboard can be filled with notices and the door locked.

Each enclosure comes as standard with:

  • Concealed hinges.
  • Locks x 2.
  • Welded steel construction.
  • Powder coated white.
  • Thick polycarbonate viewing window.
  • 3 year warranty on the enclosure.

Patent pending for the following designs: 4 sloping sides, 3 sloping sides, sloping top and bottom, sloping top noticeboard and a recessed enclosure.

Fixing of notices, this can be using the rear steel back of the enclosure and using small magnets to position and hold the notices in place. Alternatively, the rear can have cork tiles fitted so the notices are then pinned to the tiles.

Anti-ligature noticeboard for Behavioral Health Facilities from Proenc, call 862 234 5981 to learn more.