Anti Ligature Non-Loop TV Enclosures for Prisons

By | February 7, 2014

Anti ligature Non loop TV enclosures.

The correctional facilities, such as prisons and detention centers are growing and so is the need to protect the TV displays, as they can be used by prisoners to self harm, protective anti ligature, non loop TV enclosures prevent this.

So what does an anti ligature non loop TV enclosures protect?

These protective steel housings, provide a fully enclosed environment for the display, so there is only access through the front access door – but our solution has high security locking system as standard. The steel housing prevents unauthorized access and prevents the damage to the TV display, imagine if the display is smashed, it can be used as a weapon on other prisoners or guards.

Anti Ligature Non Loop TV Enclosures

Prisoner’s human right to watch television.

DOOH USA are a leading manufacturer of protective, anti ligature non loop TV enclosures to the prisons and psychiatric units throughout the USA.