Anti Ligature LCD Enclosures

By | June 8, 2009

LCD Televisions are becoming commonplace all over the world. In homes, businesses and even, increasingly, in prisons.

As more and more prisons are being updated and expanding a growing number have installed LCD televisions all over the facility. In some lower security prisons they are now even present in the cells, although their hours of usage are controlled remotely by prison staff and not by the inmate themselves.

Prisons are not predictable places however, and it is especially important that these LCD TVs are secure and cannot be used as weapons by an angry prisoner, or a vehicle for self harm by a disturbed inmate. A traditional LCD enclosure, such as is used by businesses to protect their digital signage advertising systems, is simply not enough in this particular situation.

These prison facilities turn to an anti ligature TV enclosure as the answer. These are especially manufactured from heavy gauge steel which is double welded for extra strength and stability. After welding they are coated in a tough, non toxic resin coating.

These anti ligature LCD encloses incorporate a sturdy mounting frame for the actual LCD TV itself. The audio is also taken care of by the anti ligature enclosure itself. High quality speakers built right into the enclosure provide the sound from behind the protective covering of the enclosure, which is designed to be extremely secure without obscuring the actual quality of the picture being projected by the LCD television within.

The anti ligature LCD enclosures are then mounted so that not even a wire coat hanger could enter the enclosures interior and reach the TV inside.

You might be expecting these anti ligature enclosures would resemble cold steel boxes. This is far from the truth. They actually look sleek and very unobtrusive. They would not be out of place in the average home’s living room, and certainly do not have an “institutional” look to them at all.

It is not only the prison system that is using these anti ligature enclosures. Hospitals and large medical clinics are prone to unpredictable situations too. Many of these institutions are also making use of the extra security that an anti ligature LCD enclosure provides to house their LCD televisions, both in public areas and in individual patient rooms. The fact that these enclosures are still attractive though they are secure means that the patient cannot tell they are watching anything other than a regular, suspended LCD television.

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