Android Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

By | August 14, 2013

What is Android Digital Signage?

Well, quite simply, it is a media for displaying electronic messages, including advertising, on an electronic tablet – android refers to an operating system and product other than a branded electronic tablet, like an iPad, or a Samsung Galaxy. The main purpose of deploying android digital signage is one of cost, as branded goods tend to have a higher cost implication, on both the hardware and accompanying software. These are becoming widely available and now not just for the privileges of high end and familiar labelled electronic tablets.

How to maximize android digital signage.

android digital signage


Android digital signage is a versatile modern form of advertising and conveys, engages and provides a solution to a demanding audience in today’s commercial and public fields and has the added bonus of customer engagement with the use of touch screen capability.

Multi-tasking of applications, on an android system, where unique management of memory is a bonus; compared with other operating systems. Mobile digital signage also refers to advertising out side the home (DOOH), where home television commercials are replaced with motivating campaigns. Once a highly visual and contextual campaign is running and scheduled, with Wi-Fi and networked or wireless connectivity, it makes an ideal platform for promoting a product or service to literally millions of potential customers. Being mobile allows the content to be ‘walked’ from one area to another;

  • Car dealership showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Consumer surveys
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Educational facilities
  • Seminars and promotional events

Mobile/Android digital signage enables a business or promoter to take the information directly to a customer; a restaurant is a classic example, where the Maître d’ may offer the diner a fully interactive mobile digital menu, which not only displays the dish of the day (and can be altered at short notice) but can also include and promote additional add-ons, like a particular wine to accompany the food choice. As it is interactive, another benefit to the customer is being able to access nutritional values and allergy information.

What is included in android digital signage hardware?

Digital signage hardware provides an innovative and effective mode of promoting a product or service by use of a dynamic visual display screen – anything from a 47” screen or a huge projector screen for large audience venues. A media player is also required as this stores the content and is linked to the power supply, screen, stereo speakers and internet (hardwired or wireless; if mobile!). Cell phones are also a familiar source of mobile digital signage which we all have access to, almost 24/7 and with the added use of Smartphones, Bluetooth and SMS, the message is spread far and wide. Current trends for social media sites are also platforms for mobile digital signage as they are influential and very easy to use – targeting potential audiences in a short space of time. As for using an android system, well it is a budget conscious buying decision which will influence your result.

DOOH USA offer many digital signage solutions from floor standing interactive kiosks to android digital signage solutions.