Affordable Gas Station Digital Signage

By | November 5, 2013

Affordable Gas Station Digital Signage

One creative and dynamic advertising phenomena springing up is turning static fuel pump ads into affordable gas station digital signage.  It is becoming some thing we expect on a daily basis, there is so much animated advertising campaigns around us; ATM’s, shopping malls, museums, even medical facilities.


Outdoor gas station digital signage

Besides displaying the price of gas, these clever electronic screens can promote goods sold inside the store;

  • Special offers
  • Promotions and freebies
  • Bulk buying
  • Coupons and money off specials
  • Manager’s specials
  • Deals of the Day

Any number of advertisements can be scheduled to run on the outdoor gas station digital signage screens, which makes them an important ROI (return on investment).


Dynamic gas pump digital signage

These screens are really eye-catching and innovative.  Once the content is created and uploaded to the screen, via a hard wired or wireless system, they can play fresh content or loop the content to repeat as per the schedule required to maximise the dynamic gas pump digital signage.  The screens are designed to be totally functionable in all weather conditions as they are entirely sealed units; where there are cables, rubber grommets surround the electrical wiring to form a watertight seal.  Another feature is that they are wholly integrated with gas grade labelling, pricing data, gas pump number and advertising content. Product branding and customer awareness is essential for a successful ad campaign; with individual graphics colours, fonts and formats. A wide choice of media designs can be planned to activate to the stages of operation including; welcome, during fuelling and thank you messages. Simple access allows content to be inserted via a USB port or networked, where the media can be scheduled and broadcast directly to the customer. The screens are smaller than a wall mounted digital poster, but are just as effective, as they are positioned within the framework of the gas pump – in the direct eye-line of the customer as he self serves from the pump.


How a wall mounted digital poster works hand in hand with gas station digital signage

An alternative to mounting an animated screen directly onto a gas pump, is to install a digital poster onto a wall in the vicinity of the store; where foot traffic is highest.  Advertising campaigns can be for the one store itself, or to bring in additional revenue, space can be ‘sold’ or ‘rented’ to local businesses.  Because of the accompanying steel security enclosure a wall mounted digital poster can be left outside all day, all night and all year; no matter what the weather – from extremes of cold to extremes of hot climates, as a fan and filter within the waterproof housing unit ensure the security and weather can not cause the unit to fail.


Floor standing gas station digital signage and a LCD poster

This is a very effective way of communicating brand awareness to potential customers.  The LCD poster features a large screen, which is programmed via a USB port or networked.  Renewable energy like solar power is becoming a self sufficient method of powering this kind of media advertising.


Gas Station Digital Signage

Gas Station Digital Signage

For a cost effective quote on affordable gas station digital signage or and LCD poster, contact DOOH Ltd, who will be pleased to show you their portfolio of previous clients and provide a tailor made solution to your requirements.