A3 Electronic Poster for Dynamic Advertising

By | March 13, 2013

A3 Electronic Poster Units.

Advertising is one of the methods in which the sales of a product can be improved and the use of the A3 electronic poster in advertising has revolutionized the manner in which advertisers promote their products to consumers. There are several advantages of these kinds of posters because they are highly dynamic. They are not static like the usual posters and billboards that used to be the mainstay of the advertising world, before digital posters were used. In the years gone by, once a billboard was put up, it could to be months before a new advertisement took its place. This is because of the huge cost of printing all these billboards. Also, there was a need for people to manually put up these advertisements on the billboards. The A3 electronic poster has changed this method of advertising with the many advantages that it has brought. This includes advantages from cost saving to providing dynamic and relevant information to the viewers!

A3 electronic poster

Some of the advantages of the A3 electronic poster are:

1. Digital poster helps in saving cost:

The cost of the electronic posters are lesser because once the initial installation is done and the display is on, there is hardly any expenditure involved. There is no need for a technician to manually update the content on the poster. All the changes can be made remotely and this saves a lot of cost. There is also no need to print any content after any modification has been made. This is where the A3 electronic poster scores over the traditional method of advertising.

2. Electronic notice board using A3 electronic poster:

The A3 format is just the right size for use as electronic notice boards. The font size can be modified according to the need. The size is just right because it is larger than the A2 posters that are usually considered to be very small. The A3 size will fit in a lot more information that needs to be displayed. So, these A3 sized posters are much more popular than the posters of other sizes.

3. Electronic poster where touch screens are used:

The dynamic advertising should also be interactive in nature and this is where the use of touch screens in A3 electronic poster has played a significant role. In the other screens, the information that is displayed on the screen can only be viewed. The touch screen provides more freedom to the user to reach and view the relevant content and the relevant part of an advertisement. This makes it much more dynamic and useful for the user.

4. Electronic information board:

The advertisement can only be dynamic if it provides the relevant information to the viewer. In the traditional poster, the information that is displayed will be the same for any person who sees it. The electronic information boards have different kinds of information that can be specific and relevant to the person who is watching it. The user can even seek the information that is useful for them and this can be done on the A3 electronic poster that has a touch screen facility.

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