A Novice’s Guide to Digital Signage

By | April 15, 2010

Digital signage is changing the way businesses communicate. However, determining if digital signage meets your requirements can be difficult. Understanding the fundamentals of digital signage can help a user make the most of a digital signage network. Let us consider:
• Who benefits from interactive displays
• The exceptional features of digital signage networks
• The challenges of electronic solutions
• Measurement and assessment
• Dealing with media purchasers
Electronic digital signage is changing the way businesses communicate. If you haven’t thought about using this medium to enhance your advertising, you may already be behind. Learn from experts how to profit from digital signage’s unique features.

Providing a concise definition of digital signage proves to be a challenge, but, seeing is believing. Linguistics can be argued and hairs can be split about what, exactly, constitutes digital signage; however on the whole, it can be expressed in simple terms that are intuitively understandable:

Digital signage is any form of business communication where a dynamic messaging tool is used to take the place of, or supplement, other forms of messaging.

Until recently, this simply wasn’t practical or cost effective. Screens were too expensive, too big and deteriorated all too quickly. The ROI was less than anticipated.

Then the LCD/plasma revolution changed, and is still evolving, all of that.

Screens now are so affordable they can challenge the printing costs of static posters over the course of time; they are slim and can hang on a wall; and they can communicate with computer software and networks to fetch new content, eliminating the “sneakernet” days of employees trotting back and forth, from screen to screen, with armloads of VCR tapes.

Some of the ways digital signage is embraced today:

• In the retail sector, communicating with consumers about in-store specials, directing customers to other parts of the store, managing traffic and hotspots and conveying brand messages
• In banks, displaying interest rates and product facts, as well as lifestyle messages and branding
• In transportation, airports and bus stations, keeping travellers updated on arrival and departure times while providing an advertising vehicle for shops and restaurants
• In casinos and entertainment locations, creating a customer awareness that is consistent with the ambiance and atmosphere of excitement
• In medical offices and waiting rooms, providing entertainment to bored patients while giving an advertising vehicle to pharmaceutical companies and other providers
• In schools and on educational campuses, facilitating a level of communication between parties that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

And so the list continues. Virtually any place that has printed displays — bus shelters and payphone booths, shopping malls, the tops of gas pumps — has the potential to increase its worth with an upgrade to digital, dynamic messaging.

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