A Mental Health TV Enclosure – Keeping Psychiatric Patients Safe

By | November 14, 2016

How a mental health TV enclosure keeps patients safe from harm.

From the moment a patient is admitted into a facility he (or she) is in the care of the authorities – who have a duty of care for their health and safety, which includes a healthy diet, exercise and safe furniture: including an anti ligature TV enclosure.

Self harm and suicide is one of the main concerns for psychiatric staff; a high proportion of inmates come into the mental health system with varying degrees of mental health problems, many of which take time to diagnosed due to limited health care provisions. There is just no way – time or money, for each inmate to be screened and graded as a potential risk on admittance. So the answer is to create a safe environment for all, where each individual is protected from harm. Anti ligature furniture and furnishings have evolved from clinical basic looking accessories to streamlined, sleek and attractive, yet functional pieces – door handles, toilets, wardrobes and for entertainment and educational purposes, an anti ligature TV enclosure will solve potential suicide incidents.

The main reasons for the mental health TV enclosure being the most suitable are:

  • protecting the TV from damage – broken screen, vandalized and tools made from TV parts

  • protecting the patient from harm – a broken screen can be used as a weapon

  • deterring the patient from using the TV as a ligature point, due to the unique shape of the steel enclosure – rounded corners and inaccessible parts, significantly reduce any risk.

    mental health TV enclosure

    A Mental Health TV Enclosure – Keeping Psychiatric Patients Safe


An anti ligature TV enclosure is suitable from many areas of the facility – not necessarily a psychiatric facilities, but also prisons, immigration detention centers, holding centers and juvenile institutions.

Televisions are found all over the building – all of which are risk points. From common rooms, also known as comfort rooms, to individuals rooms, ie. bedroom. Particularly where a patient can not be watched 24/7, a mental health TV enclosure is the ideal solution at at cost effective price. As most modern television sets are very thin (slim bezel) an anti ligature TV enclosure will fit most screens – branded and unbranded makes. The only choice to make is the screen size, from a 36” to 55” being the most common screen sizes for institutions. When measuring the screen size, it is taken from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner, for example – bottom left corner to top right corner and NOT left to right side or top to bottom.

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Duty of care is paramount for vulnerable people and installing a mental health TV enclosure in one or several locations is of foremost importance – giving ‘freedom’ without restricting basic rights.