A Digital Signage Guide.

By | May 18, 2009

Digital signage is targeted and effective advertising. As a medium, dynamic digital advertising is about efficiency and effectiveness. A number of companies that have not taken up any type of outdoor digital advertising have realized that their conventional advertising had not provided them customers but only leads – and those are costly mistakes as well as using valuable resources. Most advertisers had not realized that untargeted advertising is a waste of resources. Not knowing the number of people who may read a print ad, a company goes into closing a print deal blindly. In the advent of video advertisements, companies had ridden the wave towards this advancement. And digital signage had taken this type of advertising to the forefront of technology and had let companies realize the real worth of a paid-for advertising.

The benefits of dynamic advertising emphasizes the instant nature of delivering information or a commercial. When you compare any Digital Out Of Home advertising (DOOH) to a traditional advertising medium such as print with the innovation that is digital advertising. Imagine the cost associated with, say, billboard advertising. Production cost includes brainstorming, rendering in graphics, printing, and pot-production processes such as the actual placing of the ad material in the billboard. Now, imagine that there had been a re-positioning or even a simple update that is crucial for the new product launch to the general public, informing them of your product. Having to integrate this with your billboard ad requires the tedious duplication of everything that had been done – that is, duplicate the effort and the monstrous cost. With digital advertising you eliminate the probability of duplicating the same cost and the effort. With computer designing and remote maintenance of an all-weather digital sign, this type of advertising method is definitely one of the biggest cost-management channel of bringing relevant and timely information. The ability to have the control of changing advertisements and information at the lowest cost possible is one of the reasons why digital signage had greatly altered how companies advertise today and even in the future.

Having a number of products and business units requires a business owner to employ the right method to get across the benefits and features of the products or services, to one’s customers. Digital signage is that method, it allows a business owner to control the frequency and the products that are shown at the right time, targeting the right people. With the ability of an electronic billboard to be programmed with the advertisement, so that it is played at a preset time, the business owner greatly benefits using this technology. The frequency and timing of an advertisement is everything in marketing and promotion strategies. With no exception, digital signage is the best investment decision a business owner can make.

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