A Digital Poster Is The New Infomercial Medium

By | January 3, 2011

Digital Poster – New Technology.

Now a digital poster is being used to provide the most modern and innovative infomercials possible, used specifically for selling products or services the return on investment is fast.

Infomercials are commonly recognised in the USA and Canada, but the home shopping market is large, this is why many large and small stores are using tactics to promote their end of season products or sale products to customers.

Now products can be displayed and demonstrated to show how our lives will be enriched by owning them, one company has been using them for some time to promote various products, the most recent infomercial showed how we could not live without this tool that stored Wellington boots upside down and also allowed the customer an easy on and off with their boots, bearing in mind this December in England has been the worst for snow in the past two decades, this tool sold out in the first week, proving that infomercials work.

How does a digital poster work?

The commercial on the digital poster was displaying several people who had been for a walk coming into the house and all apart from one person was struggling taking their snow laden Wellington boots off. The person who wasn’t struggling just put his heel in the tool and slid his foot out then did the same with the other boot and then picked the tool up that held the boots and he put them in the porch so the snow would drip off them and they would be fine (no cleaning) next time he needed the Wellington boots.

The digital poster is a standalone solution having an advertising media player built into the screen, all the commercials are loaded onto a memory card and the dwell time set (how long the ad runs), so that when it finishes it loops round again.

Retail outlets have been using digital posters for some time, to advertise the time and date their “super price beater” sale starts, featuring some of the designer clothing and handbags at a vastly reduced price. Ever supermarkets have been using digital posters to advertise and promote new additions to their product range, this way they can see how successful the marketing campaign was, if it wasn’t they can change the ads until they have a winning formula.

With these digital advertising screens the modern appearance to the customer shows how serious the business is in providing up to the minute informative information, now every business from a car part store to a hair salon, all for a very modest cost, the return on the investment is said to be a matter of 2 to 3 months.

digital poster

Another option would be to sell ad spots on the hardware, so other businesses can advertise on your hardware and you can make a residual income every month that will certainly pay the hardware. A typical ad spot can cost in the region of $70 to $100 per week, so if you had 20 advertisers, ever month you would make an extra $8000. Customers can pay for a 3 or 5 minute ad spot and the price can increase depending on the length of the advert.

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