60” LCD Enclosures Assist In Factory Information Systems

By | May 17, 2010

From SAP to SCADA every manufacturer is looking for an edge to save money, no matter if it is reducing wastage or informing employees of new contracts won, factory information systems are the way forward.

Manufacturers are very competitive as we all know, so when they are looking to improve their presence in the market place, their IT or Sigma Six team liaise to find the right solution, not the solutions range from computerising the factory floor, or implementing a factory information system, this can work well as well as providing information on the news of the employer, they can be used to highlight the employee of the month, this could be the person who has created the least wastage with the most production output.

So how does this work?

Well to display information to employees in an open large area these screens have to be large so a 60” screen is not uncommon. These can be mounted from the ceiling and either is in a single or double configuration. These can also be used to provide staff training, as the training can be loaded on a central server in the global head office, it is then scheduled for a particular time and staffs attend, before, during or after their shift.

Large companies with manufacturing facilities are looking to Six Sigma to provide a solution, so they are looking into large format LCD and plasma screens to display information to staff providing an informative factory information system.

Now if you want to display factory information, there are solutions out there that will not break the bank, a rugged LCD enclosure is perfect and is rather more cost effective than you may think, even a stainless steel LCD enclosure is perfect for any food environment, providing maximum protection with minimal maintenance.

LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of enclosures for the digital signage market as well as factory floors, a selection of their LCD enclosures have deplotyed in food manufacturers throughout the world including Canada, America and Australia.

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