5 Recent Trends of Digital Signage 2015

By | September 4, 2015

Trends of Digital Signage in 2015.

Looking back, in just a few short months, has revealed at least 5 recent trends of digital signage.
Here, we’ll look at them in a little more detail and give an over view of how and why it will bring in more revenue for your business…

This information is based on the most read articles, blogs and other posts online found via digital signage internet searches and recognised publications. Features for the top 5 recent trends in digital signage feature frequent mistakes in content, and the statistics which drive digital signage development, from manufacturers to end-users.

Starting with digital signage no.5…

Getting interactive with digital signage gamification; Utilising bodily gesturing and touch technology has changed the way screens interact with humans. From fingers to whole bodies can be used in a virtual form, for example in Casinos, where games tables have an electronic realistic background to play upon or as restaurant dining tables, where the menu is proffered and customers can order their own choices, after which it can be used as a media tablet with Wifi for games and entertainment. Example of interactive digital signage below.

interactive digital signage

Then at number 4, we have the most common content mistakes when using digital signage. So having a fantastic screen installed in a lucrative location, the major let down is the content. Is the text long and boring, cut it and make it snappy! Old images? Oh, for goodness sake, there really is no excuse for not getting up to date images – there are numerous website and professional photographers to provide great pictures. Even SVG and ……. images are readily available. Too much information, technical or irrelevant – your audience will be confused and walk away. It’s not an essay or an extract from a novel, tailor the text to your target audience – the latest music will rarely interest the older generation, keep it relevant.

In the middle of the top 5, is keeping the content fresh – old information is a big turn-off for viewers. We’re not talking about faded pictures, but current and up to date images, with stock enquiries giving accurate totals, to ‘sold-out’ items on a digital signage restaurant electric menu board, where an item can be substituted at short notice and in real-time. Don’t think that just a large digital sign will draw in the crowds, it’s a delicate balancing act with the creative and engaging content.

The penultimate; at number 2, is how retail is a world leader in IoT (internet of things/everything). Bringing relevant details for both employees and customers is crucial for a successful advertising campaign. Surveys have found to be beneficial in determining how to create a digital signage promotion. Heat-mapping and beacon technology can direct prospective customers through a store, by linking where they have walked around the store, what they have stopped to look and ultimately adverts on digital signage around the store will cleverly ‘direct’ consumers into making a purchase.

Finally, in at number 1, is how digital signage is recognised as a reputable marketing strategy. Forward-thinking businesses are willing to develop the opportunities to reach customers in innovative ways. They will succeed, by attracting attention. Digital Signage is becoming a reputable marketing resource as technology advances continue to improve capabilities. Despite businesses in the past being hesitant to incorporate signage into their marketing strategy, forward-thinking corporates are now seizing the opportunity to attract attention, which in turn is an up-sell and highly influential in generating additional revenue.

So, having read and intellectually digested these top 5 trends; failures and successes, you are well prepared for a successful advertising campaign of your own using digital signage call us on 862.234.5981 today.