46” LCD Enclosure For Outdoor Digital Signage Protection.

By | July 25, 2011

46” LCD Enclosure – Protecting your digital signage hardware outdoors.

Outdoor digital signage is all about impact, without the dynamic effect digital signage has your advertisement would just be another dull billboard. But to get the marketing message across, businesses are using as big a screen as possible and we have found one of the most common factors with an outdoor digital signage solution is that a 46” display is used. Now there are two options, the first is to buy a commercial, outdoor screen these allow the user to mount the screen in landscape and portrait positions without any protective casing as the TV itself has it’s own casing. Now one draw back is that if you use a media player it will have to be local to the display therefore limiting the locations that an outdoor digital signage could be placed. The other option is to put commercial grade screens into an outdoor digital signage enclosure, this range of 46” LCD enclosure are used throughout the world including America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Each 46” LCD enclosurecomes complete with a cooling system that can be set, so the internal temperature can be controlled in any country. Ensuring the signage hardware that normally consists of a network media player and a commercial screen is kept in the most effective temperature, preventing the hardware overheating.

46″ LCD enclosure.

46" LCD enclosure This range of 46” LCD enclosurecan be mounted any where, providing a network connection no matter if it is wireless or hard wired, this now allows integrators to deploy digital signage in any location irrelevant of the location. The units can be mounted directly to a wall or using the rear mounting pattern mount them to either a floor or ceiling mount that are 600 x 400 VESA compatible. Now anyone from someone wishing to put a display near their swimming pool in their back yard or for someone installing digital signage, a 46” LCD enclosure is here to protect the hardware in any weather, any location providing an all year round solution. These are available in mild steel and powder coated as well as stainless steel for more aggressive areas, as stainless steel is used to combat corrosion in high salt areas, such as near beaches, harbours etc.

We manufacture a range of LCD enclosures that are used throughout the world for protection of delicate electronic hardware in outdoor applications, including the 46″ LCD enclosure.