46” LCD Enclosure Are The Most Popular Outdoor Signage Solution

By | April 6, 2011

46″ LCD enclosure – The most popular solution.

The most common solution for outdoor digital signage is to put an LCD or plasma screen into a 46” LCD enclosure, these protect the hardware from the weather outdoors as well as any potential vandalism that may occur.


Some ranges of 46″ LCD enclosure that are available are fitted with standard cam locks, the problem with these units is that anyone can overcome these locks with no special tools, even a ruler can be used to open the access door and either steal the display and media player or worse still smash them.


With the high demand for outdoor digital signage being matched with the lower price of the LCD screens this makes the most popular solution a 46” screen, this allows hotels, restaurants and even bars to deploy them outside in the open, hence the reason to protect the investment with a 46″ LCD enclosure.

46″ LCD enclosure.

Manufactured from thick steel, fully welded to provide a sealed, robust unit once locked through special high security locks the 46” LCD enclosure provides the best protection in the field.


The viewing window is supplied with anti scratch coating as well as anti reflective coatings depending on the application and location of the installation. This ensures the internal hardware does not overheat from the baking sun directly on the viewing window.


LCD Enclosure Global offer a 46″ LCD enclosure that can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation using the rear VESA pattern on the rear of the enclosure, it is the standard 600 x 400. When fitted with special anti theft bolts the enclosure can not be removed without grinding the bracket from the wall.


Let us look at the next 12 months and see what else is available for outdoor digital signage.



LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of digital menu boards as well as their popular LCD enclosure range of products.