40” Digital Poster For Digital Advertising

By | October 20, 2010

A 40 inch digital poster is one of the most popular sizes of digital posters on the market, let us look in to the reason why.

When a business decides on deploying digital advertising, they want the solution to be jaw dropping and creates a very good image for the business, that will put the company or business at the forefront of the consumers mind when they think of the product or service.

One of the main benefits of a digital poster is that these are awesome and will certainly create a stir with customers and passer-by’s alike, so the bigger the screen is the better the impact, turning demand into cash.

A 40” digital poster is the most popular size and with this large screen, it can display videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, full digital signage campaigns, as well as scrolling text.


Using the digital signage creation software that is available on the internet, this software can create attention grabbing content, that will pull paying customers into your store to buy your products.

When deploying these units they can be mounted either in portrait or landscape using the rear VESA mounting pattern, or they can just be hung from a window or door, one of the best positions is at eye level in the hair salon or beauty salon as all customers will watch the content to pass while away the time until their treat is completed, so for the salon this is an ideal time to sell to them whilst they are in a receptive mood.

Another use for a 40” digital poster is to highlight products at a tradeshow, you know the scenario, the booth you are in is hugely expensive so you have to maximise every single inch. Sometimes you don’t have the physical space to take every product, so this is were a large digital advertising poster comes in, they can be set up with a video of the products you couldn’t take coupled with a company overview.

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