Outdoor LCD TV Explosion Planned for 2010 World Cup

By | October 2, 2009

With the 2010 World Cup just around the corner, bars and restaurants are looking how they can keep customers on their premises whilst the world cup games are played.

Some of these forward thinking bars and restaurants are looking at outdoor LCD TVs. Watch any of the games with friends at family is second to actually being at the game, but with the current financial situation of the world not everyone can afford to fly and stay in South Africa.

So the next best thing is to meet up with friends and family at your favourite bar and or restaurant. But bars and restaurants have to look at the security of their TV system, the obvious answer would be a weatherproof LCD enclosures, that fits almost any size of television and offers the relevant waterproof protection and theft prevention by being firmly bolted to external walls with high security bolts needing special tooling to remove the unit.

LCD enclosures allow you to put any size standard domestic TVs, all you need to do is put your TV into the enclosure and wire it up and you are done.