2000 Nits Advertising Totem Kiosk – Outdoor Totem Kiosk

By | May 11, 2018

ProEnc’s 2000 nits advertising totem kiosk is one of the leading outdoor advertising kiosk solutions used by major brands, restaurants and entrepreneurial business owners across North America, Europe and Australia.

What to look for when looking for an outdoor advertising totem kiosk.

There are several parts of an outdoor advertising totem kiosk project that can stop the project in its tracks; any one of them can jeopardise the profitability and ROI for the project.

Screen brightness.
With the advertising totem kiosk being used outdoors it has to be bright enough to see during the day, when the sun is at its strongest. If you have ever taken a laptop outside in the sun to work, you will know how difficult it is to see the screen.

Now when prospects cannot see your advertising content on the screen due to the sunlight, the advertising campaign is dead in the water.

Being an expert in the outdoor advertising arena and having supplied London Olympics with outdoor advertising totem kiosks, ProEnc have the essential experience and knowledge in this sector of outdoor advertising using totem kiosks.

2000 Nits Advertising Totem Kiosk

So why 2000 nits advertising totem kiosk?

ProEnc strongly recommend a high bright screen solution such as a 2000 nits advertising totem kiosk. Their solution has a feature that auto corrects, so when the sun is not on the advertising totem kiosk the screen will be clearly seen and then when in full sunlight, the brightness auto adjusts so it again can be clearly seen in direct sunlight – making it the best solution for outdoor advertising totem kiosks.

Warning** Some companies with little experience in this industry will quote a lower cost advertising kiosk, this will include an indoor screen which will not work outdoors period! The equivalent of trying to read a laptop screen in direct sunlight – go try it….

2000 Nits Advertising Totem Kiosk

NOT sunlight readable!

Outdoor 2000 nits advertising totem kiosk requirements.

With being an outdoor electronic marketing solution, the hardware has to be protected from 2 major threats;
1. The weather
2. Possible vandal attacks

Weather protection for the advertising totem kiosk.
Once these units are deployed they work all year round, in all weathers. So the outer enclosure has to provide the essential protection from the weather, such as rain, snow and sand.

The kiosk itself has to self-cool, so that the internal hardware does not cook in the direct sunlight and then on the other hand, the kiosk has to heat itself up when it has snowed to protect the hardware from failing.

A ProEnc outdoor advertising totem kiosk is rated to NEMA4X, so it provides all the protection needed from day 1 and each advertising totem kiosk comes with a 3 year warranty, giving the buyer peace of mind.

Vandal protection for an outdoor advertising kiosk.
When the advertising kiosks are deployed outdoors, they have to provide vandal protection, so no unauthorized access to the hardware is allowed. ProEnc’s totem kiosks are fitted with high security locks to the doors and the viewing window is toughened glass, providing maximum protection.

Updating advertising content on an advertising totem kiosk.

ProEnc recommend that the content is updated remotely, this gives the customer the flexibility to have the kiosks in any city, in any country across the world and still have the full control of what content is displayed on what screen, in what city. This needs an internal connection and the content can be updated to the on-board computer within the advertising totem kiosk.

For small projects a USB solution may be a better solution, but to update the content someone will have to physically visit the kiosk and insert the USB drive into the kiosk drive for updates, this can be very restrictive, but for some projects it is perfect.

ProEnc offer outdoor advertising totem kiosks with screens from 2,000 to 5,000 nits, please contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 and mention their 2000 nits advertising totem kiosk.