LCD Enclosure

Our anti vandal digital signage housings are manufactured from heavy gauge steel, welded for maximum strength and then powder coated in an external grade coating. The doors are mounted into the body of the enclosure and the door is secured into the LCD enclosure with 2 high security locks - we do not fit cam, barrel or compression locks unlike our competitors as these are easily opened with a screwdriver.

Each unit comes complete with:

  • internal TV mount
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Thermostatic heating
  • Thermostatic cooling
  • 2 x high security locks
  • Cable access in base
  • Rear mount 600 x 400 VESA
  • 7 year warranty

lcd enclosure

Available in the following sizes:

Code: AV27 For screens 17" to 26"

Code: AV37 For screens 27" to 36"

Code: AV47 For screens 37" to 46"

Code: AV55 For screens 47" to 55"

Code: AV65 For screens 56" to 65"

Who uses LCD enclosures?

Anyone with a need to install or deploy an outdoor screen is in the market for an outdoor TV enclosure, these protective housings are designed and manufactured to provide extreme protection, whether it is against snow, rain, sand or sun the hardware inside is fully protected from the weather extremes. 

The security of the digital signage housing is paramount to make sure the advertising system is protected from vandalism and theft. Nothing is more frustrating than investing in the signage hardware to find it stolen or broken. So who uses them?

  • Educational facilities
  • Corporations
  • Mom and pop stores
  • Airports - both inside the airport and air side.
  • Prisons & Psychiatric units
  • Transportation companies for passenger information
  • Factories

A protective LCD enclosure will protect the advertising hardware in all weathers from sub zero temperatures in Canada to the baking heat in Texas. Our units are fitted with thermostatic cooling and heating systems as well as air conitioning units if required for extreme situations.

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