Jail Video Visitation – What Is It All About?

What is Actually going on with Jail Video Visitation? So let’s look into what really is, jail video visitation…A prison guard, just as the head warden, has the responsibility to keep his staff, the prisoner and members of the public safe from harm. This includes visitation rights and court appearances. So what is the alternative… Read More »

Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants – A Quick Serve Solution

Valuable Strategies for Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants – A Quick Serve Solution. Drive thru menu boards for restaurants are the advertising medium for QSR’s, and the best approach to entice prospective customers – it always has been and always will be – the only difference is the format and mode of advertising. We… Read More »

Behavioral Unit Designs

ProEnc Behavioral Unit Design Applications. The exact same rule is true for management and for this reason additionally, it determines the association between cause and effect. So policies which are specifically designed to cope with repeat offenders are also based on psychological essentials of criminality. Know what it’s truly about although it’s about. It shows… Read More »

Common Mental Health Issues

The greater risk could be related to pre-existing psychopathology or may require the presence of particular genes inside a person. This kind of wellness is often considered of excellent significance in regards to individual wellness, especially as further info and studies have established with improving different types of wellness, how social interactions can help out.… Read More »

Suicide Resistant Sloped TV Enclosure – The most Cost Effective Solution

Budgeting for all the components necessary for psychiatric, correctional and healthcare facilities with a safe environment can be the difference between life and death, however one key factor is finding the most cost effective suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure on the market. Don’t be duped into saving a few bucks by purchasing the plastic covers;… Read More »

Putting Anti Ligature TV Enclosures in Psychiatric Units

ProEnc anti ligature tv enclosures reported: Whilst being sectioned in a psychiatric unit is a safe environment for a vulnerable person, there are comforts and necessary equipment which form part of the environment, like television sets. These can cause a danger themselves, due to their shape and fixtures, therefore it is necessary to put anti… Read More »

Sizing outdoor projector enclosures correctly

ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures can be a shot in the dark for some, however when a customer has a specific tight space for an oversized projector there are some compromises to be made. outdoor projector enclosures Oversized outdoor projector enclosures. There is never such a thing as oversized projector enclosures, the reason being the more… Read More »

Anti Ligature TV Enclosures Deployed In New Auckland $300m Prison

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV enclosures have had a massive success across the USA and Europe, now they are in high demand in New Zealand due to a massive $300 million prison build. Auckland’s $300 million prison. This new build prison is flooded with over 700 contractors aiming for the completion in December 2017. The construction… Read More »

ProEnc’s Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards

ProEnc offer a range of digital drive thru menu boards for outdoor QSR applications. Enabling restaurants to comply with government requirements over nutrition advice as well as providing the current promotion. {Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards|outdoor digital menu boards} Why digital drive thru menu boards. With most Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR’s) going down the route… Read More »

Correctional Video Teleconferencing Enclosures

ProEnc now offer a range of video teleconferencing enclosures for correctional facilities, these have been proven to reduce transit costs and increase public safety. Why Video Teleconferencing in correctional facilities? Staying in touch. Video teleconferencing in correctional facilities allows friends and family who live far away to communicate and stay in touch with the inmates,… Read More »